La chabacana

The Wedding story of Gaby & Trino was white, elegant and a lot of fun.

La chabacana was the place of this beautiful wedding story of Gaby & Trino

Above all, both families celebrated the groom and the bride as one family.

Since we arrive to Gaby’s home we felt it would be a great day. Mom and dad were really excited!

The whole house felt a very good vibe, meanwhile the bride were waiting for her true love.

Once the bride was ready we moved to the hotel Demetria to do the wedding story pictures.

I’ve never been there, and it really shock me up, was for real one of the coolest places I ever been.

Then, we moved again to the church at valle real. Where we had an amazing ceremony.

And finally, we went to la chabacana. The place where the party will take place.

the bride and groom wedding story

“Thank you so so much for the incredible photos, you are extremely talented! I was so hyper last night looking at them all. You definitely captured some amazing moments. Trino and I are over the moon with the quality of the snaps.” –  Gaby & Trino

The wedding story of Gaby & Trino was the beginning of a lifetime filled with love. Wishing you all the best of happiness in your life together.

Thank you to Gabriela García Decoración, for this wonderfull decoration

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Getting Ready

Wedding Gaby & Trino
Wedding Gaby & Trino
Wedding Gaby & Trino

The Groom & The Bride

The Wedding Ceremony

The Reception (Party)

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