el pedregal eventos

Sandy & Fran at church
Wedding day at El pedregal eventos with Sandy & Fran

It was definitely a very fun wedding day at El pedregal eventos, which is very close to downtown Zapopan.

How nice it is to see when a couple really love each other and have a great moment together like Sandy & Fran.

It was very cool to see how they never stopped dancing throughout the party.

They eat, drink, dance and laugh together all the time, and that’s really hard to see these days.

We had a delicious dinner, enlivened with mariachi music, very typical of the Jalisco area.

Although it was a venue, I didn’t know, it looked spectacular due to the wedding planners.

Thanks to them our work as photographers, was easier and more relaxed.

The families

Everything was so nice, both families were very friendly and attentive. And of course Sandy & Fran, they were always willing to help us in any issue.

Above all, work together with all the people involved was very important to do a great work, thank you all for your trust.

Please, tell me what do you think it looks like and write it down on a message in this page. Or send me an inbox on facebook, that would be very illustrative.

Hope you like the results!

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