Cocula, mexico.

Dalia (The bride), told me that she was born in a small city called Cocula, pretty close from Guadalajara, Mexico.

And asked me if I was able to be at their Cocula wedding, because the distance, and Obviously, I said yes,

Actually, I was very exciting about we’ll be out of our city doing what we love.

On the wedding day, we started at Casa Cocula, one of the most beautiful hotels in town, and it really exceeded my expectation.

You know… great colors, textures, lines, reflections, etc. Things that we photographers need.

And of course, they made us feel like home, love the way they treated us.

The we went to church and had a fast and no boring ceremony, then we went to…

the venue

They chose the best venue in Cocula, called Quinta San Francisco, which, by the way, I like to thank for the great treat we had at your place.

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