Wedding at bosque san Javier

Finally the big day… Perla & Luis got their amazing wedding at Bosque San Javier eventos at Guadalajara, Mexico.

This amazing couple came to me via FB, which by the way, I invite you to subscribe.

As I was saying, he come to me, just 3 months before their wedding, isn’t it crazy!

“El tocayo”, had the sole job of finding a photographer that he like, and of course, that she would like as well.

The only thing they know at this moment is that they want thier wedding at Bosque San Javier

And that’s how he took that job… seriously and very professionally he started to find one.

However, it wasn’t as easy as he thought it would be, then he saw my work and apparently it met his expectations.

Then, he called me and made an appointment and there is when I finally met Perla.

Instantly knew that this wedding has an enormous potential of been the “one” that I’ve been expecting.

And I was right, we shot some spectacular pictures, because the good vibes that Perla & Luis had all the time.

I really like to thank Elena from Bosque San Javier, who was very kind and helpful at every moment.

It really help us out!

Personally I felt at home at every moment.

Perla & Luis made feel very confident because of their incredible way of been.

So I think I had a very inspired day.

I also, want to thank Alex Rodriguez, my second shooter and right hand for the last 3 years in this wedding

Thanks Alex you were in the right moment and at the right place, as always.

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